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Entrepreneurship goes back a long way with us. GRENKE was established in Baden-Baden, Germany, in 1978. Our two branches in Australia opened in 2017. 

Let us make it easy for you.

You cannot resist an idea whose time has come. Solutions from GRENKE have been creating the financial framework for business success for roughly 40 years now – quickly, easily and with a personal touch.

Flexible leasing solutions under one roof

Great things often have humble beginnings. All that is needed is for people to have the confidence and the financial freedom to break new ground.


At GRENKE, we are entrepreneurs through and through. That’s why we want to be bold and make things possible for our customers as well. Whether you want to lease high-performance IT equipment or your entire office equipment, GRENKE Australia can do all that and more. Dedicated management of numerous small contracts is our speciality. We lend a personal touch to the process, along with the same entrepreneurial ardour that we know drives you as well.


Over the years, our motto – ‘Fast. Forward. Finance.’ – has made us one of the leading providers in our segment. However, that by no means stops us working tirelessly to devise new solutions to help our customers.

GRENKE Australia in numbers*

No matter where you are, GRENKE Australia is your local partner. The numbers speak for themselves:

Business: Leasing
Branches in Australia
GRENKE is established in Australia
Employees in Australia

* As of 31 December 2023

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