Financing allows you to get ahold of equipment that will make your company more profitable now instead of later. An easy example is a printing company has been expanding, so they require more printers to fulfil client demand. But do not have the capital needed for this purchase. If they were to lease these printers through GRENKE, we would enable them access to increase their company profits.


Another requirement for every office is IT equipment. When you are hiring new staff, they will need a PC or notebook. If you are opening a new office, you will require a telephone system. The scenarios are endless, but GRENKE is here to deliver financing for your daily company needs.


The benefits to accessing capital in the present instead of the future are numerous, it creates the flexibly to expand your company options, such as building your company’s IT infrastructure through telecommunications, IT servers or conference room screens. It’s a great short-term option that reaps benefits straight away. The key value is how GRENKE makes our financing accessible and user friendly.


We have an easy and accessible portal for all of our suppliers and brokers. That makes the credit assessment process seamless and quick. Also, convenient for our client’s, as this means timely access to financing.


A business is built upon its infrastructure and the people that collaborate together towards a common goal. For employees to perform the best of their ability, a business requires state of the art equipment. This is something that GRENKE is driven to provide. If a company has financing, it provides their company with the ability to excel.


Small ticket IT equipment is the foundation of your business that creates the greatest difference. That is what GRENKE is able to do. We only provide the best in business financing. 


Want to know more how we can help your business grow? Our dedicated Account Managers are one phone call away.