Mornings are tough sometimes. But having a good routine can help set the day up for success before it even begins. Setting small, easily achievable tasks is important. Here are five simple habits to take control of the day and increase productivity.


1. Wake Up Early

Although it may be tempting to hit snooze, resisting the urge to sleep in has its benefits. Getting up early is an excellent way to start the day off on a positive note. Use the extra time to do more things, such as setting goals or engaging in self-care techniques.

Pro tip: To make getting up early easier, go to bed on time the night before.

2. Drink Water

Rather than reaching for a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, drink a glass of water instead. Water helps rehydrate the body and get things moving again after a night of sleep. The 6-8 hours a person spends sleeping is a long time for the body to go without water, so drink up!

Pro tip: For an added benefit, sip warm water with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

3. Self-Reflect

Setting time aside daily for some self-reflection is a great grounding practice. Morning is the perfect time to do this because it can help set the tone for the day and increase positive outcomes. Sit in quiet contemplation, listen to a guided meditation or journal.

Pro tip: Use a journal to set goals and priorities for the day to stay organised.

4. Move the Body

Incorporating movement into a morning routine is a great way to warm the body up and get ready for the day. Exercise gets the blood flowing and can be very motivating. It also helps focus the mind and prepare it for whatever tasks the day may hold. Whether going for a run, practising yoga, or doing some gentle stretches, don’t skip out on exercise. It also has positive benefits for both mental and physical health, which can lead to improved moods and better productivity.

Pro tip: Before getting out of bed, reach the arms up to the sky and stretch out the back and sides.

5. Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is often considered one of the most important meals of the day. After fasting all night, the body needs food to refuel. And eating a nutritious breakfast provides a much-needed energy boost. Not all breakfasts are created equa, though. S, reach for healthy options whenever possible.

Pro tip: Choose lighter foods, such as a smoothie, so as not to overwhelm the digestive system first thing in the morning.

Still Losing Sleep?

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