The Challenge

A medium-sized manufacturing company in Perth specialising in creating custom-designed parts for clients in various industries has been growing steadily. Still, management wanted to find a way to improve efficiency and stay ahead of the competition. After some research, they decided that investing in a 3D printer could be the solution they were looking for. However, they also had their eye on several other purchases throughout the year. They decided to look for a broker who could help them.
They explained to the broker that they aimed to keep as much money as possible and save time constantly re-applying for leases throughout the year. After carefully considering their needs, the broker put them in contact with grenke.


The Solution

The broker recognised the importance of securing new equipment and recommended grenke because we are a finance company specialising in IT leasing. grenke assessed their needs and offered them a 350k Master lease, which included the total cost of the 3D printer, installation and training costs, and several other expansion projects the company had for the rest of the year. 


The Outcome

Ultimately, the printer proved a valuable investment, allowing the company to produce parts more quickly and with greater accuracy, resulting in increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

Where you go for IT financing matters. From 3D printers, telecommunications, computers and digital screens, grenke can do it all. With grenke you can offer your customers the ability to lease the right equipment immediately.