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Whether you are working independently or with an aggregator – when you get accredited with GRENKE, you empower your customers to make quick and smart decisions to transform and grow their businesses. 


You know there’s nothing more important than recognising that every customer’s business is unique, with its own challenges, goals, and objectives. This personalised approach sets you apart from your competitors and helps build stronger relationships with your customers, leading to increased loyalty and satisfaction. So, why wouldn’t you work with a finance provider with the same mindset?

Our team of financial experts has years of experience in the industry and can provide you with the guidance, flexibility and speed you need to get those deals across the line. We’ll work with you to develop a finance strategy that aligns with your customer’s goals and risk tolerances, and provide ongoing support to help you from the first day onwards with a dedicated account manager.

Get Access to Exclusive Products

At GRENKE, we know you shouldn't have to choose between speed or service. That's why we created the BrokerPro portal.


Living up to its name, our broker portal cuts down on all the red tape typically involved in broker/lender communication, allowing you to calculate quotes and submit requests online. Our low doc applications are typically approved in less than 4 hours. You can then put the finishing touches to your customers' contracts immediately, including sending them for digital signature then and there. You can also view the status of your contracts at any time, giving you more time to focus on your business. 

We finance more than you may think

Have you ever wanted to offer more? With GRENKE you can. 

We understand not everyone has the same business needs or goals, and while we specialise in I.T technology, we're always willing to consider something new. Can't see your product in the list? Get in touch with us


Getting heavy things moving is your job. To do that job, you need forklifts. They will need to endure a lot – after all, you will be carrying a lot of weight with them every day. We can help you to do the heavy lifting when it comes to financing.

Office furniture

When you want to expand, procuring new office equipment can become a costly affair. You can finance your procurement with GRENKE, from a single office chair to an entire reception area.

Gym equipment

You help your customers to stay healthy. To do that, you need the right gym equipment. Whether you just need a cross-trainer or are completely re-fitting your entire gym, GRENKE is your ideal financing partner.

Franking machines

Your company sends out countless letters every day. Sticking a stamp on every single one is a laborious task. That’s why you need a franking machine. But how do you finance it? It’s very simple: with us.

Audiovisual equipment

You think in sound and images. Put your ideas into practice – all you need is the right equipment. GRENKE provides a simple way to finance cameras, microphones and lighting equipment.

Telecommunication equipment

Smooth communications are often crucial in day-to-day business. That’s why we will help you to finance your telecommunication equipment.


You already have the hardware. All you’re missing are the applications. Believe it or not, you can even finance software through GRENKE. 

Medical equipment

People’s health is your top priority. You need to be able to rely on the equipment that you use. You can rely on us, too, when it comes to financing medical equipment.

IT hardware

These days, mobile devices are indispensable in everyday working life. Many regard them as the single most essential tool for their work. Yet devices, servers and memory are not cheap. We know that – and will help you to finance them.


Want to avoid long hours stuck in rush hour traffic whilst doing your bit for the environment and your health. Could your company offer bicycles with the latest e-bikes? With GRENKE you can finance health and happiness for your staff.

Cleaning technology

Keep clean at all times – words to live by! But how do you manage it? With floor scrubbers, vacuum cleaners and pressure washers. We help to tidy up the costs. With GRENKE, you can finance everything.

Coffee machines

A cup of coffee dispensed at the touch of a button is a great way to start any day. It also helps to overcome the after-lunch slump. Share the feeling with your employees with financing for coffee machines from us.

Hotel equipment

Cleaning equipment, hotel software, room furniture; when you run a hotel, you have a lot to think about. One thing that you don’t have to worry about is financing. GRENKE will take care of that.

LED technology

You bring light to the world. Not only is LED technology an incomparable way of accentuating areas of a room, but it also offers enormous potential for creativity and innovation. However, it is not exactly cheap. We are here for you. With GRENKE, high costs are not a problem.

Cash register systems

Sales are what you live for – and what keep you afloat. The right epos system can help you with that. These include cash register computers, control panels, scanners, receipt printers and cash drawers. But how do you finance the system? With us.

Construction equipment

Whether you need a mini digger, an excavator, a dumper or a concrete mixer - we support you with your equipment.

Security and alarm systems

Workplaces at your company are full of valuable equipment. That means that they need to be protected. Security systems, alarm systems and surveillance cameras take care of that – and GRENKE handles the financing.

Pressure washers and air compressors

Compressors are used in all sorts of applications, from construction sites to workshops, as well as for cleaning purposes. No matter what you need compressors for, we’ll relieve the pressure when it comes to costs. With GRENKE, you can finance your equipment easily.

Copiers, printers

Copiers and printers are in constant use in offices. Consequently, they need to be resilient. Yet high-quality devices are often very expensive. With GRENKE, however, that is not a problem. You can finance copiers and printers easily.

Garage equipment and machinery

In your workshop, you are surrounded by devices and machinery that make your work easier. Much like GRENKE – with the right financing.

Green Alternatives

Whether you’re looking into e-bikes, installing charging stations, or sustainable energy for your office building. GRENKE offers you attractive finance options to take the right steps towards sustainability.  

Multimedia equipment

Equipment for multimedia is needed in all kinds of areas. This includes projectors, monitors and projection screens, as well as monitor holders, headphone stands and more. You can finance all of it through GRENKE.

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Partnering with GRENKE  means access to unique promotions, a user-friendly online portal, and ongoing support to help our brokers grow your business and serve your clients' needs. 


But don't take our word for it, see some reviews below. 



"There are very few lenders that still empower their analysts to make decisions and workshop deals. This is a major benefit of Grenke overall especially as the common sense credit approach is dying in our industry. What's also very rare is having both great BDM's and analysts. They always respond in a friend and timely manner and have a 'deal making' attitude... [KP] is one of the best BDMs on our panel."

Chris, Melbourne



"As I work with a number of businesses, that require a leasing solution that is flexible and easy to sign up to for there growing business . The Master lease agreement has been that solution. Working with other leasing companies that take weeks for finalisation of documents, and that also have a minimum leasing requirement, has meant frustration for the client and for myself... The MLA has helped as businesses can now do staged roll outs and lease the equipment as they need it, not having to lease it all at once just for the ease of the leasing company."

Craig, Sydney



"Fantastic group to deal with. Efficient and helpful. Our BDM Divyesh was there to assist every step of the way. I would recommend Grenke to any broker or client."

David, Sydney



"...she took the time to come an see us at the office in the begining which helped us to get started. We now have very happy customers who would have otherwise not been able to afford the [equipment]... I would highly recommend Grenke for any Business."

Nikki, Queensland

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