Your challenges, our solutions

See for yourself how GRENKE can help you expand your offerings, close more deals and empower your clients to get the best deal possible. 

Programmed For Success

How you and your clients can achieve more sales.


A supplier had an ambitious point of sale system program. By using GRENKE the rollout was quick and easy, with unrivalled transparency. 

Going Digital for Print

How one company signed a contract, in spite of a broken printer. 


A busy business suffered a cataclysmic printer malfunction, meaning they needed a printer, but couldn't print a finance contract out. We overcame it, using our digital signature technology

Get Green with GRENKE

How one company used GRENKE 's unique smart technology offering. 


A business got new solar panels to become carbon neutral, removing the upfront costs with the flexibility to choose a plan and instalments that suited their business.

Schooled in Finance

How one school learned about GRENKE 's Master Lease Agreements (MLA's)


Have customers who need a little it of everything over the year? With GRENKE's MLA they can get what they need when they need it- and you get paid evey time they draw down. 

The Cat's Meow

How one vet upgraded with the help of a broker and GRENKE. 


This practise needed a quick fix for scanning equipment malfunctioning due to wear-and tear, GRENKE had a contract by the end of the day. 

Flex Those Finance Muscles

How one boutique fitness took advantage of their end of term. 


Gyms can be highly competitive places, with refreshes required every few years. Using GRENKE can give you more options at the end. 

Get Help with the Heavy Lifting

How GRENKE helped one company expand their warehouse.


More online sales meant a large warehouse needed to add to its forklift fleet, by partnering with GRENKE their plans arrived on time. 

Rise and Grind

How one successfully expanded using GRENKE. 


We know every business is unique, and does business differently. That's why GRENKE takes a "common sense" approach to financing, looking at every customer individually rather than in just numbers. 

Manufacture More Opportunities with GRENKE.

How one company upgraded their 3D printer and software with our MLA.


An ambitious manufacturing plant needs to improve efficiency and stay ahead of the competition, by using GRENKE the customer got the goods they needed, and more. 

We Vend So You Don't Have To

How one petrol station used GRENKE to offer a pit stop with more. 


A little regional petrol station wanted to capture a little extra from those who drive by, and a GRENKE lease agreement meant they could pay off the lease with the revenue over the machine's life.

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