The Challenge

A busy law firm in the CBD suffered a setback when their outdated main printer began to suffer wear and tear and malfunction while printing documents. 

Given the sensitive nature of their job, they knew they had to replace it immediately and that upgrading to the right equipment could mean they could print and scan faster than with the previous equipment. They wanted a simple, streamlined process for signing that didn't involve printing out the contract, as that would be a problem with the printer on the fritz. 


The Solution

Rather than pay-per-page, the firm opted to lease the equipment, giving them a set amount each month for payment. 

The supplier had an existing relationship with GRENKE and recommended us as a finance company specialising in IT leasing. We reviewed the client's needs and offered flexible payment terms and competitive rates in under 60 minutes, ensuring the contract was sent and signed by the end of the day. Based on the customer's requirements and the fact that they were down a printer/scanner, we opted to send the contracts directly to the directors work email via docusign. 

The equipment was delivered within two days, and payment was sorted within 24 hours of settlement. 


The Outcome

Whether investing in an industrial printer or kitting out your office move, GRENKE can provide the leasing solution to support the next stage of your business growth. We are dedicated to offering the best financial solution at exactly the right moment. 

If you have a client looking to update their current equipment or expand to provide a more specialized service, GRENKE can provide financial support for most IT equipment through leasing.

Do you have a very special request? Let’s talk about it. We’ll be happy to take care of you in person.