The Challenge

A leading global company needed to revamp all their point-of-sale systems all over Australia and offered their franchisees the ability to buy outright, or enter into a lease with grenke.

Given the scope of locations, many of the franchisees owned multiple outlets, and grenke had to create a way to track the implementation of the system from start to finish, ensuring transparency and accountability. 


The Solution

We worked closely with the supplier to provide daily updates on the pipeline, showing the application number, status and business details down to authorised signatories in an easy-to-follow system. 

grenke even tailored a delivery acceptance program around deliveries to ensure the equipment was correctly allocated in all systems.


The Outcome

By using grenke our supplier got a customised rollout program that fits not just them but their customer profile too. At this point, the rollout is finalised and has now been running for over a year. 

At grenke we pride ourselves on aligning with our partner's strategic goals and are committed to making our partner's lives easier. 

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