The Challenge

In a rural Victorian town, a veterinary practice was renowned for its exceptional care for furry patients. However, their critical scanning equipment showed signs of wear and tear.

Given the sensitive nature of the job, they knew they had to replace it immediately and that upgrading to the right equipment could mean faster and more accurate diagnoses, enabling them to provide the perfect treatment plan for each patient.

But due to the unexpectedness, they were working with a limited budget, so they reached out to a broker who had helped them in the past.


The Solution

The broker recognized the importance of securing new equipment and recommended GRENKE, due to us being a finance company that specializes in IT leasing.

We reviewed the practice's needs and offered flexible payment terms and competitive rates in under two hours, ensuring the contract was sent by the end of the day.


The Outcome

Everything was delievered and the broker and supplier were paid the same business day the confirmation of delivery was submitted. With their new scanning equipment up and running, the practice was able to provide even better care to their patients, and pet owners were ecstatic with the improved service.


The broker and GRENKE provided the veterinary practice with a lifeline, ensuring that they could continue to provide top-notch care to their furry patients.


GRENKE is uniquely placed to support businesses of all shapes and sizes, so if you have a deal you want to workshop, just reach out today. We finance more than you think!