The Challenge

A regional Victorian petrol station wanted to install a coffee vending machine as an additional source of revenue, a wise move as they were a common pitstop of drivers on the way up to the ski fields. 

They wanted to pay the equipment off in small instalments over time rather than a one-off payment to help predictably manage their finances throughout the year. 


The Solution

The customer chose a monthly lease over a quarterly, and the straight forward nature of the deal meant that it was approved in under 20 minutes, with contract signed via the portal, saving the sales team a length trip to go see the customer. 

The supplier installed early in the morning, and while the director was unavailable, the on-site manager could sign off on the delivery confirmation. This meant payment was released to the supplier overnight that day and was in the account by the following morning. 


The Outcome

Not every business functions the same, and we can accomidate annual, quarterly or monthly payments based on what works for you. This combined with our quick approvals, above and beyond service and flexibility means you know you're making the right choice when financing with GRENKE. 

If you have a client looking to update their equipment or expand to provide a more specialised service, GRENKE can give financial support to an extensive suite of equipment through leasing.