A corporate job listing typically receives 250 job applications, sometimes making it overwhelming for the company to sort and hire the right candidate. 


It is crucial to keep in mind that you are not just hiring a person for a job. You need to make sure your new hire will fit into your work culture. We have a few tips to help navigate the strenuous process of getting the right candidate for the right job.    


Let's start with the resume. Is it well written? Does the candidate meet the job requirements? What other experience do they have? Don't be afraid to call them for more clarification on their resume and get a quick feel for their disposition.


Do they have a personal accomplishments section? Have they volunteered for a local charity? These may seem like fluff add-ons to the resume but help showcase their priorities and skills that you might not have thought they possessed. 


Most applicants have taken the time to prepare for an interview with specific responses. To help get a person to open up, throw them a curveball, see how they react—for example, asking someone to describe themselves as an ice-cream flavour or their favourite board game strategy. 


If they seem like a good fit (both in their experience and personality), have a second interview with the candidate and a few team members. Again, get feedback on how they feel about the candidate.  


It can be incredibly costly to make a mistake on a candidate. It becomes a waste of company time, resources, and training. When considering a new hire, make sure you are transparent about the roles exceptions, the hours, and the workload that will be required. Currently important is working from home, as are other perks like lunches or gym memberships.


Finally, don't forget that while you are assessing candidates, candidates are assessing you too. So make sure your company can fit in with the candidate's future career goals. And listen to your gut. What is your feeling about this candidate? If it doesn't feel right, then it probably isn't.