Digital technology plays an increasingly important role around the world. Across global corporations and local businesses, IT management decisions influence every level of operation. Not-for-profits have specific challenges to overcome in this environment. 


What is IT leasing?

IT leasing is a form of equipment leasing where businesses makes an agreement with a leasing company to rent what they need instead of purchasing it outright. While this arrangement can involve everything from vehicles to furniture, leasing technology infrastructure offers the most pronounced benefits. Technology is moving forward rapidly, and equipment can become obsolete almost overnight. Why risk an expensive purchase when you can keep the liquidity in your business?


How does IT leasing function?

IT equipment is leased for a specific time, with items returned, updated, or purchased when the contract is up. This arrangement is distinct from equipment financing, and it does not require a business loan. This offers real advantages for not-for-profits, including no fluctuating interest rates, fewer financial risks, and the more money in the business. 


The many benefits of IT leasing

Buying, operating, and maintaining IT equipment is expensive, time-consuming, and risky. Leasing is a viable alternative, with organisations benefiting from affordable monthly payments, transparent service agreements, and stress-free IT management solutions. This arrangement is great for customers, staff, and stakeholders, with access to updated IT equipment helping to ensure a consistent experience. 

These advantages are fantastic for any organisation that needs to pivot and change tack regularly including most not-for-profits. Whether you run a small niche charity or a large global group, leasing is a great way to free up valuable resources and reduce operational stress. Rather than making huge investment decisions and trying to service large loans, you can enjoy a tailored IT procurement and management approach. While organisations experience unique rewards, not-for-profits can:

  • Eliminate large stressful purchases
  • Spread costs over a set period of time
  • Take advantage of service agreements and add-ons
  • Expand or contract equipment based on need
  • Avoid fees and charges for business loans
  • Minimise immediate and ongoing financial stresses
  • Deliver more streamlined customer experiences

These benefits can be understood from two distinct angles. First, organisations can free up liquidity and enjoy more operational agility over time. Second, they can scale operations and improve flexibility. While these twin advantages are related, isolating and breaking them down is a great way to understand the profound benefits of IT leasing.


Free up liquidity and become more agile

From computers and servers to printers, monitors, and modems, IT equipment can be incredibly expensive. While an outright purchase can make sense for an individual or a family, it is rarely the right move for an organisation. Large purchases lock down significant funds and damage your liquidity. They leave you open and exposed to changing market conditions, cultural shifts, and an evolution in technology.

Instead of being adversely affected by the pace of the modern world, agile organisations have the ability to move with the times. Leasing IT equipment helps you stay on the front foot.


Scale operations and become more flexible

Agility is the power to pivot, adapt, and move in response to the world around you. Flexibility is the quality of bending and changing without breaking. While both attributes are desired by modern organisations, one function exists in time and the other is measured through changes in structure. Large IT purchases reduce flexibility by making it harder to scale operations. If you run a seasonal charity or experience large fluctuations, buying IT equipment is an inefficient way to work.

Rigid thinking creates real financial stress. Flexible organisations, however, are able to expand or contract based on need. Leasing IT equipment helps you to adapt and grow in an ever-changing world.

If your not-for-profit organisation uses technology in any way, you may benefit from a trusted IT leasing program. When people have access to the right tools, and the ability to make changes when necessary, anything is possible. If you would like more information, please contact local GRENKE sales team today.