Almost all major companies are incorporating the technology and are using it to streamline their operations and gain a competitive advantage. The technology has been around for centuries but is only now being applied globally, thanks to recent processing power and data storage advances.

One area where this new form of intelligence has made a significant impact is video surveillance. With AI technology incorporated into cameras, systems can automatically detect movements, analyze data, and provide alerts when necessary. Here are the three ways in which AI is transforming video surveillance:


They analyze footage to predict potential threats and intervene before they happen

Artificial intelligence in video surveillance has been shown to improve customer experience and secure an environment. Using this technology in video surveillance enhances an area’s safety by identifying irregularities.

Undoubtedly, early intervention is the key to stopping crimes before they happen. BAI is being applied to existing videos to see what patterns c, and with this, it can predict what will happen in the future when those patterns re-occur. Notably, Ai’s ability to detect suspicious objects, persons and situations allows it to provide data that local law enforcement officers can use to address public safety issues.


They minimize false alarms

Alarms are helpful devices to secure your business and protect your valuables against burglars outside of your working hours. However, false alarms are quite a nuisance. At best, they break the peace of your slumber at night. At worst, they lead to unnecessary police interventions. Using artificial intelligence to have an all-in-one video surveillance solution can help minimize false alarms and maximize security.

By analyzing past data and patterns, AI can help predict when an alarm is likely false and take steps to prevent it from going off unnecessarily. This reduces the annoyance factor for users and helps save on resources that would otherwise be wasted responding to false alarms. In a world where resource conservation is increasingly essential, any tool that can help us reduce waste is worth considering!


They enable a faster search

As the volume of data grows, so does the need for advanced technology to manage that data. In the security industry, this data is video. Searching through a vast database for specific information can be extremely time-consuming. Organizations want to be able to search for suspicious activity in hours of footage in seconds. By using artificial intelligence (AI), search times can be dramatically reduced.

The most advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are needed to accelerate the process massively. For example, AI speeds up search by automating the process. Instead of a person manually looking through every record, an AI program can quickly scan and identify relevant video surveillance events. This can save hours or even days of research time, and it is one of the many ways that AI is changing the way we work.

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