This, in turn, has led to increased demand for IT infrastructure and cutting-edge solutions that support these goals. By choosing to lease this infrastructure, fitness and well being organisations are able to leverage a number of important benefits.


Keep Pace with the Developing Fitness and Wellbeing Industry

The fitness and wellbeing industry is evolving rapidly. As well as providing access to fitness equipment or coaching, these businesses need to be at the very cutting edge of science, working with the client data to formulate optimal training plans and other schedules. 

This means businesses not only need IT infrastructure – they also need the latest IT infrastructure that will help them to leverage client fitness and wellbeing data in the right way. Leasing gives organisations access to the latest tech solutions, making this level of client care easy to achieve.


Manage Costs and Optimise the Client Experience

It's expensive to buy all that cutting-edge IT equipment outright. This is where leasing really comes into its own, as businesses can secure all of the equipment they need to support their client's fitness and wellbeing journey without the enormous upfront costs. On an ongoing basis, these costs are manageable and predictable, while upgrades are implemented by the provider when required. There may also be other benefits – for example, asset finance may be tax-deductible, allowing fitness and wellbeing businesses to get even more from their money.

All of this helps to augment the experience for the client. Predictable ongoing costs help fitness studios and wellbeing organisations shield their customers from price increases and other elements that can reduce the overall experience. At the same time, a managed program of updates and upgrades ensures that IT infrastructure remains fit for purpose across the entire asset finance contract.


Remove Some of the Admin Strain and Increase Operational Efficiency

Generally, business owners in the fitness and wellbeing fields get into this trade because they are passionate about sport, performance, and physical and mental health – not because they are passionate about admin. Keeping track of IT infrastructure maintenance, ensuring regulatory compliance, optimising the efficiency of the solutions the business is using – all of these aspects are necessary, but they detract from the enjoyment of running a business.

Building IT infrastructure with a finance contract, leasing the equipment rather than buying it outright, eliminates some of this admin strain. The provider will handle much of the admin burden on a managed service basis, leaving gym and fitness studio teams free to focus on the tasks they love – tasks that are actively focused on client wellbeing and improvement.

Use Grenke and Build Your IT Infrastructure the Right Way

Grenke provides leasing and asset finance solutions to businesses in the health, fitness, and wellbeing field, as well as in other areas. With our finance solutions, you can optimise your spending without compromising on the solutions you benefit from. Reach out to our team to discover more and to get started today.