While purchasing an EV can often feel like an expensive initial purchase, it offers a suite of quality-of-life benefits that make it a better long-term investment. For those contemplating the switch, consider these ten underrated advantages of electric vehicle ownership, including why financing EV chargers with GRENNKE is not just an investment in sustainability but in a superior driving experience.


Preheating Comfort without Emissions

The future is your vehicle readying itself before you even step out of bed. From the comfort of your garage, your EV can preheat itself (including seats) early in the morning. This feature, courtesy of the EV's instant heating capabilities, provides a stark contrast to the slow warm-up of traditional vehicles.

With an EV, the absence of a conventional combustion engine allows the climate control systems to operate independently, maintaining cabin temperature even when you step away momentarily. Some models even feature a pet mode to keep your furry friends comfortable, displaying the cabin's temperature and a reassuring message for passersby.


Innovative Design and Increased Storage

By eliminating large engines, innovative streamlined vehicle designs and storage solutions can be achieved. Electric vehicles present opportunities for imaginative storage choices and adaptable interior layouts, which can challenge conventional automotive designs.


Uncompromised Performance at High Elevations

Electric drivetrains maintain efficiency and performance regardless of altitude, offering a consistent driving experience in conditions where conventional vehicles might struggle. This advantage is particularly noticeable in mountainous terrains, where EVs also benefit from regenerative braking during descents. 

Plus, contrary to common misconceptions, charging an EV is a straightforward and convenient process. The routine of charging at home or a hotel overnight, often at lower off-peak electricity rates, eliminates the inconvenience of gas stations, making daily commutes and charging a seamless experience.


Safety and Savings

The robust batteries in EVs enable round-the-clock operation of security cameras. 

These cameras, often part of a vehicle's parking mode, offer 360-degree surveillance, recording any motion or attempted break-ins, a feature that is also beneficial while driving and can potentially lower insurance premiums.


Minimal Maintenance Requirements

Electric vehicles simplify ownership with minimal maintenance needs. Apart from routine checks like tire rotations and wiper fluid refills, EVs require less frequent servicing, thanks to fewer moving parts and the extended lifespan of brake pads due to regenerative braking.

These incentives make EVs competitively priced compared to traditional vehicles, with added savings on maintenance and operational costs over the long term. 


Discover GRENKE’s innovative solutions

While the narrative around electric vehicles often focuses on their environmental benefits, the array of quality-of-life improvements they offer should not be overlooked. From the convenience of preheating and innovative storage solutions to the financial and operational advantages, electric vehicles represent a forward-thinking choice for modern drivers. As a finance company involved in funding EV chargers, we recognise the importance of these benefits in accelerating the transition to sustainable transportation solutions. Electric vehicles are not just a viable alternative; they are a superior choice for the future of mobility.