Brite, established in Melbourne, Australia, is a nonprofit organization that provides employment and training opportunities for people with disabilities. The flagship innovation, Brike, a carefully thought-out two-person power-assisted wheelchair bike, encapsulates the organization's ethos of combining practicality with purpose.

While The Brikes was initially built for people with disabilities by people with disabilities, it has expanded to other mobility-impaired industries, such as aged care and council initiatives.  "There's an increase in micro-mobility more broadly, and Brike's are looking to electrify local and regional areas and provide an inclusive pathway for the community," Gerald McCarthy explains after showing us the 'closed loop' warehouse. 

Switching to e-bikes offers many benefits, including saving energy and money and reducing your business's carbon footprint. However, new, resource-saving technologies can be very costly. Which is why GRENKE has come on board to help provide more finance options to Brike's commercial arm, making the transition toward sustainability more affordable. This will allow businesses to invest in Brike without the need for a lump sum payment. 

The Brike is already making a name for itself, having participated in "Around the Bay" in 2023 and run a trial at Allity Aged Care facility in Lilydale. The new Series 2 Brike introduced its standout feature, the rear-loading wheelchair ramp, a design element that distinctly sets it apart from similar products on the international market.

Whether you need to invest in e-bikes, install charging points, or install renewable energy in your office building, let us help you take the right steps towards sustainability. From e-bikes and e-scooters to e-vehicles and the charging infrastructure, with GRENKE, you are investing in tomorrow's mobility today.