The Challenge

A long-standing IT reseller partner approached us as a payment alternative for a proposal they were putting together. They were in the running for a sizable project with a day spa franchise trying to boost sales, the outline was to deploy digital menu display screens across all stores to encourage foot traffic. The screens would be programmed to display services, promotions, and product information.

However, the reseller wanted to show an option to pay for the screens without a significant upfront investment required, which is where GRENKE could provide value. 


The Solution

We offered each site the ability to lease the goods with a Classic Lease. The project was rolled out in phases, starting with a handful of metro-based stores and expanded as momentum grew and more franchisees were offered these services. 

After implementing the digital menu screens, there was immediate feedback on positive outcomes for the day spas. These included increased customer attention, enhanced in-store experience and effective cost management. On GRENKE's side, all the deals were approved in under 20 minutes, with the contract signed via the portal, making the rollout smooth.


The Outcome

The collaboration was noticeably successful. By opting for a leasing model, the day spas were able to successfully implement their screens and increase revenue without large upfront costs. This success story showed our commitment to providing tailored financial solutions that help all types of businesses meet challenges and thrive in an ever-changing business environment. 

If you're considering a digital transformation for your business, we're here to discuss how our expertise can support your vision and goals. Contact your local GRENKE branch today.