The Challenge

A boutique gym with multiple locations needed to refurbish one of its locations with new equipment, IT, and security hardware. To streamline the process and avoid any closures, they decided to roll out this process throughout the year. 

They explained to their broker that they aimed to keep as much money in the business as possible and save time constantly re-applying for leases throughout the year. After carefully considering their needs, the broker put them in contact with GRENKE.


The Solution

The broker recommended GRENKE due to our Master Lease Agreement (MLA) . 

GRENKE assessed their needs and offered them a 150k Master lease, which included the total cost of new cardio equipment, CCTV installation and training costs, and several other expansion projects the company had for the rest of the year. 

With an MLA, the gym avoided the hassle of negotiating leases every time it needed new equipment and was approved for a set amount they could "draw down" from during the year, while the broker benefited from increased touchpoints with customers through GRENKE.

The Outcome

Ultimately, an MLA was the perfect choice for the broker and client. It allowed the gym to upgrade when required, kept the broker in touch with their client, and resulted in a safer enviroment and client satisfaction.

Where you go for financing matters, GRENKE can do everything from gym equipment to medical devices, computers, and digital screens. With GRENKE, you can offer your customers the ability to lease the right equipment immediately.